RSMS Military Connected Students

This website provides information for students who are connected to the military. Our building has an MFLAC who is the POC for this club.

Rossview Middle School is a military-friendly school that recognizes a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation's military. The staff and administration understand that military connected children experience unique circumstances. The members of the school are committed to helping these students.  The links tab at the top of this page provides valuable information for military families.


Our school recognizes and supports our military members and their families through the following activities:

  • Student Ambassadors program- This program is about helping students make smooth transitions into their new community with information, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to make friends. When new students arrive at school they are attached to a student ambassador in the same grade level and with similar interests if possible. The student ambassadors fulfill a role of providing a guided tour to the new student while answering any questions they might have about our school. Through peer to peer communication student ambassadors also assist in linking new students to peer groups, school clubs, activities or athletics they are interested in. The school counselors work closely with the Student Ambassadors to ensure they are targeting the specific needs of each student along with assessing for additional needs. 
  • Military and Family Life Counseling program services- Our school has a dedicated Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) that solely works with military connected students. Due to the unique challenges faced by military families, the Department of Defense is offering this private and confidential non-medical counseling services to military services members, military families and military family services members's children. The counselor may assist military parents and children in non-medical counseling groups or seek individual sessions to target the following issues enhancing communication, self esteem/self confidence, resolving conflicts, behavioral management techniques, bullying,angry feelings, sibling/parental relationships and deployment and reintegration issues. The MFLC can also recommend referrals to military family programs and resources as needed.